The "C" Spot

"I wish I would have started addressing the emotional traumas caused by my chronic illness much sooner as they are a HUGE contributor to my overall health." -Lexie

Hanging Out At The C Spot

In these videos, I share my chronic illness journey.
It has taken me over a decade to share some of these experiences, but healing mentally is crucial in managing my own chronic illnesses.
(And you will see that I am still a work in progress)

Meet Foggy Fran

Foggy Fran may be forgetful, but she always considers the emotional state of others. She's creative and has an optimistic outlook on life.

Right Brain.png
Left Brain.png

Meet Neurotic Norman

Neurotic Norman keeps it logical. He is a little sarcastic, but can always point out the solution from a practical stand point. He does become a little overwhelmed at times.

Zapper The Neuron

Zapper The Neuron keeps all information factual as often as possible. Usually, Zapper breaks down definitions and/or concepts that may be confusing.

Zapper doesn't say much, and hangs out at the bottom of the screen during the videos to pop in with the knowledge.