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The Laziest Shake For Dysphagia: Wound Healing

Trying to figure out how to get in all of the nutrients needed to help the healing process after a surgery or procedure can be daunting!

I wanted to come up with a better way to add in the crucial vitamins/minerals needed for wound healing.

Here is the laziest way I could incorporate them!

I came up with this keeping Dysphagia in mind.

And if you have sensitivities, you can always substitute the ingredients to better work for you! Simply google “alternative for ____” and see how it tastes!

It was a lot of trial and error with my dietary limitations and dysphagia but hey, I wanted all of the tools I could have in my recovery.

The Laziest Nutrient Shake For Wound Healing Ingredients

Greek Yogurt Plain - This contains the zinc, calcium, vitamin D, and protein. I used this as a thicker for my swallowing difficulties and got it to just the right consistency.

Strawberry- These contain fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and I just prefer the taste it gives. If you choose another fruit, the fiber is the goal here. Not too much for us with Gastro issues, but just enough to clear it from the system. Remember, if you have anesthesia, it is good to get the bowels moving again, but simple movement can be more beneficial over supplementing. Watch the sugars in fruits if you are diabetic.

White Grape Juice - this has some vitamin C but is mainly for my flavor profile. Watch those sugars! Some are not 100% juice and are mainly sugar. If this doesn’t bother you, the off brands sold from stores are the cheapest way to go.

Fortified Almond Or Soy Milk - This is how I balance adding more nutrients to avoid purchasing the protein powders. I have used them in the past, but they are too much for my system all at once. Check the labels, they all differ. I use Silk Almond unsweetened most of the time.

The idea behind wound healing is that you need to give your body the fuel for those extra fighters.

Sure, there are so many other considerations when planning meals for long term purposes but I use this SPECIFICALLY for the few days after a procedure/surgery.

I am usually nauseated and it is much easier to get what my body needs in a quick drink and not have to stress about it throughout the day.

Are my measurements exactly correct for my body? It is my opinion that this calculation will vary on multiple things like activity, severity of the surgery, or even bowel or elimination habits.

For throughout the day I have use an electrolyte enhancer to manage my POTS which also contains some of the vital minerals needed to stay hydrated.

I would prefer this be straight salt tabs, but at this time I am on a steroid so that is not an option.

Staying well hydrated can help “speed” the healing process up, but that is a topic all on its own.

To make sure I am getting calories, AKA enough fuel, I do a quiche that can be easily prepared beforehand and is soft enough to swallow. (I always get intubated and this just feels better).

I add eggs and cheese… pretty basic… but you can add other ingredients like the ones listed below for adding more nutrients or proteins (your bacon, sausage, all of that).

For when I get hungry, I choose soup or a personalized bowl of goodness.

I am very boring with my flavors, so mixing some rice with pinto beans in a bowl serves me just fine.

With the Dysphagia I like to add some type of sauce. Ranch is an option that I use when I’m feeling extra lazy.

You can add some cheeses or meats here also to boost the protein. Even a nice piece of fish for some extra zinc.

Just start throwing some ingredients you need in a bowl and have it ready and stored in the fridge. It will make it taste better when there is not cooking it before hand.

Post Surgery Nutrient Breakdown

So, what are the main things we need to focus on specifically for wound healing?




Vitamin A, C, and zinc

Vitamin A Foods:




Leafy green vegetables




Vitamin C Foods:



Brussel sprouts


Some bell peppers

100% Fruit Juice

Potato (leave the skin on)

Oranges (and other citrus fruits)

Zinc Foods:




Whole grains (rice and oatmeal)

Nuts and Seeds



A lot of the meats

Protein foods:

Cottage Cheese


Meats, Poultry, Fish



What are some things to be mindful of?

POTS - the salt and fluids

Kidney Disease (or issues) - the protein and salt

Diabetics - sugar

Blood Clotting Issues/ Disorders

Celiac - mainly for cross-contamination on these options, but always check!

And this list can go on to name so many of our chronic illnesses.

You know how it goes, you will probably have thought to yourself, “But I can’t have this…” and that is why it is SO IMPORTANT to make sure you ask.

And do not forget your medication interactions! I mean, who can even eat grapefruit at this point?

A dietitian can be a helpful resource that is offered before you are discharged from the hospital or facility.

It is generally covered (but check) under health insurance that I have seen. Go ahead and have a list of questions ready for them!

Include all of your restrictions and extra needs.

They may not always know exactly what your chronic illness is or how to manage it, but when you break it down for them, they can still be helpful.

Before the procedure or surgery, maybe ask the primary for any lab work that can be drawn.

They usually will do a CBC/BMP, but if not ask if this is an option to see if you are deficient in any of the areas.

Let them know you want to make sure of what you need to be adding to your diet in general, and that you will be taking wound care seriously afterward!

Some of the labs need to be specifically asked for (like the vitamins) so they will have to be specific on the order, and sometimes aren’t covered by insurance.

If you just cannot do the food, there are supplements. The dosing and preservatives or fillers are the biggest concern I have seen others deal with, so double check!

If you can, also take those in to your surgery center or primary care physicians office to double check.


I try and view it like this …

My plan may not be perfect. It may not be exactly what is recommended or the most expensive piece of fruit I have picked from the finest gardens of the land…

But this is an effort. If I were to do nothing, I would then be in worse shape.

We have to consider the cost, the availability, and the preparation when living with an invisible illness.

It is okay if you threw the shake in a 60 dollar blender… I do.

It is okay if the off brand of grape juice was a few bucks cheaper than the brand name.

Who are we trying to impress here? This is meant for after a challenging time for you and needs to be quick, easy, and worth your time.

As much as I would like to pretend I have this very strict and perfectly balanced life going on over this way, that is simply not true.

Chronic illness leaves me with so many situations that are unpredictable and I like to just have the easiest and most cost effective options at my disposal.

On the froggy days I will dabble in the fancy veggies, but for the most part, this is real life.

Sometimes it is needed to accept that it won't always be perfect before making these plans. If you were a perfectionist like me, you’ve gotta let that go.

When you are meal prepping those bowls, it doesn’t need to be pretty… stop that!

You are trying to heal, and eliminating the unneeded stress will help that also!

I’m not judging you here, I am you … so please always remind me to do the same as we are all out here trying our very best.

If you saw my recent IG stories, then you know I also had a fantastic cup of rainbow sherbet that is not the healthiest... but oh it felt good on my throat!

I hope if you have an upcoming procedure or surgery this is helpful and all goes well!

If you have found anything helpful, let me know! I’m always learning from each of you also, and I love it!

I hope you are all having a better kind of day today!

Disclaimer: does not offer medical advice. If you are experiencing a medical emergency please seek the appropriate services. Affiliate links are used throughout. To learn more please see the terms and conditions.

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