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I believe that there were skills I could have learned and tools I could have used that would have helped me get to my diagnosis sooner.

Living with a chronic illness can be extremely overwhelming and even a learning curve... YES, even for a nurse.

Finding ways to advocate for your health can improve your quality of life ten fold! 

What Is Advocating Anyway?

Video-Style Resources

Not one chronic illness is exactly the same.

In these videos I share my journey of where I am at today and some of the ways I am trying to find a better 
quality of life in the best ways I know how.

Written-Styled Resources

If my Hollywood skills aren't impressive to you, or that migraine is still lingering,

these articles will break down the skills of
advocating and ways we can educate ourselves. 

Chronic Illness Trusted Resources



Check the interactions, dosages, and forms of common medications.

Rare Disease Directory

Search for clinical trials, connect with specialists, and find support groups specific to your rare disease.



When researching, use the updated and trusted source!

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