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A space that focuses on improving quality of life
for those of us that live with a chronic illness.
No Cures. No Bullshit.

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The "C" Spot

This Is Not Your Fault

Stop blaming yourself or your past! Your chronic illness is not your fault! You did not choose this life and you do not need to punish yourself.

You Are Not Alone

Maybe I am not your next door neighbor, but I can assure you that you are not alone in your feelings. There is an entire community behind you.

I Believe


It does not matter what your family, friends, or professionals said... I believe your experiences are real and worth sharing.

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Who The Heck Am I?

These always feel awkward... My name is Lexie! Basically, I have lived with one chronic illness since birth and another that became debilitating a little over a decade ago. I am no influencer and I am no guru.

I can no longer work as a nurse due to my health, so this is my effort in 
creating a space with a support system for you that I never had in my own life.

Let's talk! 
There are so many layers to living with a chronic illness
Ever want to talk about it? Share each other's experiences? 
This is the place! 

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